A 22-year-old man from Carlisle made life miserable for his former partner north of the Border visiting her home uninvited and then seeing her car written off as he drove directly at it and colliding with it.

Andrew Green, of Sheffield Street, Carlisle, had been in a relationship with the 19-year-old for around a year – but it ended in November last year, it was stated at Dumfries Sheriff Court.

But just weeks later the court was told that at her home in Langholm he repeatedly shouted and swore at her, referred to her in derogatory terms, emptied the contents of her handbag into a hot tub, repeatedly made threats of violence smashed her mobile phone, threw items of glasswear and crockery and damaged cosmetics.

And following that he entered her home and went into her bedroom uninvited while she was sleeping, repeatedly poured water over her, pinned her to the bed, seized her by the neck and compressed it, head butted her, held a piece of broken glass against her face, seized her by the hair, dragged her and repeatedly told her she deserved to die.

And in March she was driving on the road between Canonbie and Rowanburn when she was pursued by Green who drove directly her and she ended up on the verge.

In the dock, Green admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner, assaulting her and driving dangerously and causing his vehicle to collide with hers.

Sheriff Brian Mohan clled for background reports and deferred sentence to December 31.

He also banned Green from driving in the interim and also from entering Langholm.