Browton 7 raised a total of £2,202 from their September trip and has allocated some of the funds to Christ Church and Broughton carnival funds in memory of original member Les Gorley.

They will give £100 to Christ Church funds and £50 to Broughton carnival fund.

Veteran member Mally Martin said: “It is in memory of Les, who is buried in Broughton’s Christ Church and he used to go in the carnival every year.”

The remainder will go to the OAPs annual outing fund. Mally said the group had done well, especially as there had been a reshuffle of members.

He said: "David Messenger went over the fells and John Wilson, one of the original members, also stepped in and gave a donation."

Fundraising began in 1990 with a Carlisle run, then they have done bike rides every year since.

Other villagers have joined them on fundraising events, expanding the group to ‘Browton 7-Plus’. Overall they have raised over £77,000 for village causes.

Stephen Tyson, has taken over responsibility for the planning of future trips from Mally Martin and co-ordinated this year’s ride. He was joined by Craig Burns, Peter and Mitch Gorley, David Messenger, Paul Graham, Steven Hadley, Roger Johnston, Jamie Woodcock, Jonathan Collister and Gary Graham for a two-day 72-mile trip to the Lakes.