Uncertainty continues to surround the approach to Carlisle United involving ex-players and unnamed business people.

A statement from the club and their backers Edinburgh Woollen Mill last night was followed by suggestions from those behind the approach that they were pulling out.

But the situation took another twist this morning amid fresh questions over the statement, which appeared to suggest the approach had not come through the correct channels.

Chris Lumsdon, one of the ex-players involved in the approach, posted on thecumbrians.net forum to suggest some of those connected to EWM chief Philip Day were unaware the statement was going to be made.

Having last night said he and his group were set to pull out, Lumsdon this morning wrote: "Couldn’t make it up, we have been told PD men didn’t know about statement, not read it, and we are still in the mix.

"This is why you walk away, I’m flabbergasted. Only this club."

The former midfielder also spoke on BBC Radio Cumbria ahead of this afternoon's game against Cambridge.

Lumsdon said he had initially spoken to a "very influential member" of the "custodian" board who responded positively to their ideas to "help" the club with the involvement of local business people, and advised them to seek a response from Day.

He said a meeting was then held with some of Day's "people" at which a detailed plan was not requested, only a letter stating the group's intentions.

Lumsdon said discussions were held among the group during the week and, although told to expect a response by Friday, they were prepared to wait until Monday given how busy the club were with the manager/head coach situation.

Of the statement which emerged last night, he said: "I'm not sure who it's aimed at", adding: "EWM were certainly telling us we've done things right, and the [senior] director I've spoken to at the club said he was fine with what we've done."

Lumsdon also says he had the impression, when speaking to a board member last weekend to advise them that the news was about to break in the media, that that director was sitting next to someone else senior on the board whilst the call was taking place.

He speculated whether there had been any "miscommunication" with certain parties involved with the club and EWM before the statement was released last night.

He added that a detailed plan has not been submitted by the group yet as they are seeking certain information regarding debt/shares. Asked if the group are still waiting to hear back, Lumsdon said: "Yes"

Last night's statement did not directly refer to their approach but its timing appeared to be telling.

It saw a rare comment on United matters from EWM, who have been increasingly involved at Brunton Park since setting up a "loan facility" in 2017, which has seen the Blues borrow a seven-figure amount since then with the loans secured against club assets.

An EWM Group spokesman said: “We’re supporters of the club because we’re passionate about the role it plays in the local community; we need a flourishing club at the heart of Carlisle. Nonetheless, we have always considered ourselves quiet supporters, providing assistance and support only when asked.

“We would welcome being joined by other passionate financial supporters who see the world in the same way as we do, and want to protect the long-term interests of the club. But these approaches need to be made through the formal channels – which cannot be bypassed – at the club, with us being kept up to date.

“We may develop our own view, but it would always be driven by protecting the long-term interests of the club and its central role in the community. That is our priority.”

United chairman Andrew Jenkins also said any proposal to the club should be made formally.

He said: "We have always enthusiastically welcomed support and approaches that can deliver for the club, fans and the community. It’s essential that we consider all proposals seriously and go into things with an open, positive attitude.

“But, as is always the case, when we are approached, the standard formal process needs to be followed closely to ensure the best result for the club.

"It is critical to have the full details in a comprehensive proposal document so that they can be considered carefully and closely, and we can conduct all the required due diligence, such as ensuring compliance with the EFL rules.

“These details need to be shared through the formal channels for consideration by the board of directors, who can then make a recommendation.”

Lumsdon earlier this week said those involved with the group - including another former Carlisle player Steve Skinner, ex-chairman of doomed Carlisle non-league outfit Celtic Nation - had gone about things properly and had approached both the club and representatives of Day.

Any financial details of their proposal, and the identities of the business people behind it, had not yet been revealed.

One of United's vice-presidents appeared to back the club's stance. Writing on Twitter in response to a supporter, businessman Barry Maxey said: "Well would you sell me your business without a formal proposal?"

Supporters' trust CUOSC today issued their own comment on the situation, in line with the club's stance.

They said: "CUOSC have no information about the consortium or their proposals.

"We can only encourage them to do what is suggested in the club statement and fully document their offer and present it through the correct channels.

"CUOSC recognise the need for changes in the board room and the need to resolve the succession of ownership issue."