It is stunning, picturesque, and a global tourist magnet.

So... is the Lake District - which is getting its very own Monopoly game - just too beautiful to have an Old Kent Road equivalent on the board?

That’s the question facing makers of the new official Monopoly game for the Lakes, which was announced two months ago.

The public was invited to send in suggestions for landmarks to feature on the board, and on which property spaces they should fall.

The game’s producer Winning Moves UK says there has been an abundance of nominations for all but one of the spaces on the board.

There have been “no credible” ones for Old Kent Road: the original game’s most affordable property space.

George Shrimpton, from Winning Moves UK, says: “We are extremely proud of Old Kent Road.

“As far as we are concerned whichever landmark gets to land on it will be a massive coup for


“After all, the space is much-loved and much-talked about so it’s certainly a profile raiser.”

Thousands of people have sent suggestions for Lakes landmarks to feature in the game.

The most popular include Scafell Pike - England’s highest mountain - and Windermere - England’s largest lake.

Polls closed last month but they have now been reopened until Tuesday November 26 in a bid to find a “suitable and appropriate Old Kent Road of the Lakes.”

Suggestions should be emailed to

The Lake District version of Monopoly is due to go on sale next spring.