The poets of the future got a masterclass in crafting lyrical verses from the Brampton Poets.

Pupils of all ages at Hayton Primary School were treated to workshops on a variety of poetic techniques that would nurture their creative side.

David Bamford, David Hurd and John Langley spoke with the children about haikus and acrostics, encouraged them to write their own verses, and gave a reading of their works.

Mr Langley also donated two copies of his poetry book to the school.

Mr Bamford, who teaches Spanish at the school, said: “Poetry can open children’s minds to what is possible with words.

“It is a form of creativity which, if it is encouraged at a young age, may develop into a precious gift, like any form of art or craft.

“Every artist, whatever his/her individual form of talent, was once a child.”

The poets were invited to work with the pupils after Mr Bamford donated a copy of the group’s first anthology to Hayton Primary School.

His time spent teach language means he has “noticed children’s fondness for words and the sounds they make”.