They are described as ‘London’s premier softcore-psych quartet’.

Childcare frontman Ed Cares doesn’t quite know what that means.

They are a quirky indie band who deal in clever harmonies and earworms. Ed says his songwriting has more to do with the storytelling traditions of

The Kinks and Blur than anything.

Their stage performance doesn’t just involve rattling through a few songs.

When they start their tour in Cumbria next week there will also be group yoga and levitation exercises..

The band are concerned about your wellbeing as much as your musical interest.

They are showcasing their debut album Wabi Sabi - which is Japanese for an acceptance of imperfection.

Cares says the title came after they realised the album has a lot of songs about self-improvement and growing as a person.

“We began to experiment with live positive psychology, but having fun with it,” he says.

“So instead of people calling out how their lives were improving and growing, we said things like ‘My houseplants disobey my instructions’.

“We realised this was the way the album was going to be communicated to people.

“So we have been selling lots of bath bombs and made lots of candles.”

Ed says that while they are poking mild fun at positivity, there is also a seriousness to it.

He practises mindfulness and guitarist Rich Le Gate does yoga.

“Our bass player Emma has this thing that lets off smelly steam so the whole room smells of lavender.”

“It is just taking it there and having a bit of fun,” he explains.

Childcare, Old Fire Station, Carlisle, November 28.

For tickets, go to or call 01228 598596