Shed Seven made their name in the Nineties with a string of hits - but frontman Rick Witter says they’re an even bigger band now.

They are most famous for the track Going for Gold but also had chart success with Disco Down, On Standby and She Left Me On Friday.

They’ve just kicked off their biggest yet Shedcember tour - a biannual event that grows with every event.

This year it has expanded into November to showcase the 20th Anniversary of the expanded edition of Going For Gold, their singles collection.

Frontman Rick Witter says they reformed just to play live and were amazed at the interest in them.

“It was nice to know Shed Seven songs stood the test of time.

“From there we thought we’d leave it a year and did it again in 2009 - and then it just became a little bit of a thing and it snowballed.

“I feel very very lucky that as a band, after all these years, we are probably a bigger band now than we were back then.

“We have managed to stand the test of time and the songs obviously went to people’s hearts.”

Put simply, they enjoy giving their fans what they want and singing the old songs.

Two years ago, they produced their first album in 16 years.

Instant Pleasures made it into the top 10 and earned some rave reviews.

But there’s no thoughts of adding another album just yet as Rick explains: “There is a little bit of quality control.

“There is no point doing something substandard to keep your name in the press.

“I would rather do it because we wanted to do it.

“With Instant Pleasures, it was a happy accident.

“We were just in the studio and these tunes appeared and I was on my hands and knees scribbling words into my notepad.

“After a stretch of eight months to a year under no pressure, we ended up amassing 20 songs. Excitement levels rose and we showed them to friends and they said ‘you’ve got to get it out there’.

“It was brilliant to know we still had it in us.”

Shed Seven, The Sands Centre, November 25.

For tickets, go to or call 01228 633766