This year’s panto by the Carlisle Green Room Club should be ‘just right’ for theatre lovers with a silly sense of humour.

The show is Goldilocks and The Three Bears, jointly directed by Tim Baugh, Mitch Ralley and Jason Munn.

As ever, the annual Christmas show uses plenty of local knowledge, in-jokes and a sense of extended family are all part of the Panto’s unique selling point.

“People come to Panto with a pretty clear expectation and there’s no way we’d miss out the catchphrases everyone knows, or the ones that, thankfully, fly over the little ones but make your Dad chuckle.,” says Tim.

“We’ve updated a few things for the smartphone generation, Jason Munn is playing Goldilocks as the dame, and even the heroes are misfits in this story, so it’s a bit different…” he adds.

As for the pantomime villain, Tim adds: “How do you do a Pantomime Villain in 2019? You only have to turn on the news….

“We settled on a Greatest Showman-type character gone bad, which suits the topsy-turvy nature of it, I think. Plus, he has a real flatulence problem.

“Could this be the year that evil triumphs at last? The answer is blowing in the wind...

“If you want a break from the run up to Christmas,” bring the kids and come on down.”

Goldilocks and the Three Bears at the West Walls Theatre, Carlisle, runs from November 28 - December 7 with weekend matinees at 2pm.

For tickets, go to the Tourist Information Centre, Carlisle Old Town Hall or telephone 01228 598596.