A THRIVING Scout group has issued a desperate appeal for help.

Every Friday, the Upperby parish hall, in Carlisle, is filled with a tribe of youngsters who spend the next few hours playing and plotting ways they can get some new equipment.

The children, as with all scout groups, have the chance to go camping and take part in a wide array of confidence-building projects along with charitable work and outdoor pursuits.

However, their equipment has become old and tired, and they are now looking for ways in which to replace it.

Paddy Mallinson, leader of 12th Carlisle Scouts, said: “We have been running for a while now and everything we started with was second hand, which was fine.

“But now a lot of it is not fit for purpose and we’re desperate for new items.

“We have sent out letters to businesses asking if they can help us, and some have.

“The children love to come here and are now thinking of ways they can raise money to buy the things we need.”

Lucas Hastings, seven, is a member of the Beavers group. He said: “I love coming to play and we have lots of fun learning new things.

“I have lots of friends here but we have to do as we’re told.”

Cheeky Sam Dowell, six-and-a-half, added: “I really like running round and playing, and sometimes I’m silly when I shouldn’t be.”

The group is family-orientated with a number of family groups all taking part.

The youngsters have decided to set up a coffee morning and hope by inviting everyone they will be able to bring members of the community together to help them replace their toys and equipment.

The coffee morning will be held on Saturday, November 30, at the scouts’ home in Upperby Parish Hall between 10am and 1pm.

There will be plenty to do for the family including children’s activities, raffles and cake and coffee.