A respected councillor who has served her community for 13 years is stepping down from politics.

Lena Hogg has this week resigned from Egremont town council, this follows the 77 year old's decision to resign from the borough council two years ago. She has an impressive political career including former deputy mayor of Copeland underneath current elected mayor Mike Starkie and former Labour Group leader on Copeland council and Egremont town council's chairman.

Mrs Hogg had served the community as a councillor for 13 years with six of these as Copeland Borough councillor for six years.

She said: "The time was right. I thought about leaving when I left Copeland, but I like to give 150 per cent and I haven't got the time to do that, I have a lot going on. It was just good to be able to help and see an improvement."

Mike Starkie, mayor of Copeland Borough Council, said: "It is a well earned retirement for someone who has been a well serving councillor, both as a town councillor and borough councillor, serving the people of Egremont. She was a loyal and supportive deputy mayor and played a key role in the transformation of Copeland Council I can't speak too highly of her."

Mrs Hogg mentioned improvements with the cemetery as being a stand out memory from her time as a councillor. She said: "It went from being just a cemetery to an award winning cemetery. Staff did a good job, I did see a lot of improvements and there is still a lot to make. I've done what I can and now it is for someone else to take it up."

She thanked town clerk Geraldine Pritchard and staff for their support and for doing a good job. She also thanked the Whitehaven News saying: "I would like to thank the Whitehaven News, who have always been positive and for their support all the way through my political career."

Egremont Town Council has also been hit with a second resignation this week. Wilf Sibson has stepped down after serving his four year term, saying he is resigning because he feels that the council is no longer fit for purpose.

He said: "The reason I'm standing down is the town council is no longer fit for purpose. I'm pushed for time as well. It's nothing to do with Lena. I would like to wish them all the best, it's a thankful task that you do for no money, but basically the council is the first rung on the political ladder." He added that he had no further plans for standing in the future.

Councillor Neil Ferguson, Chairman of the council, said it was a shame that both councillors were stepping down and they would be missed.

He said: "I think Lena was a fantastic councillor and a lovely lady, I've worked with Lena as part of the Labour party and she has given me good advice and it will be a big miss on the town council and for the community, she has helped us out a lot. Lena stepped in and did a lot in the office too, she has been great."

On Mr Sibson stepping down he said: "Wilf is a good councillor, especially in his area he represented in north Egremont. It is a shame he is stepping down, he is a really nice man and it will be a big loss to Egremont Town Council and a loss to the council that we will be losing the knowledge of both councillors. It's going to be a massive miss."

Notices will be going up for councillors to join the council and Cllr Ferguson hopes that people will step forward.