Cumbria’s High Sheriff Marcia Reid-Fotheringham is holding a special dinner to say thank you to all those who have helped her during her year of office.

American Marcia is importing her nation’s favourite celebration - the Thanksgiving dinner - as a way of showing her gratitude - and to raise money for Eden Valley Hospice.

Marcia explained: “Thanksgiving is a special time of year for us to reflect on everything we’re grateful for.

“While not usually celebrated in the UK, it’s an opportunity that I thought Cumbria should not miss.

“For me personally, and as my last fundraiser as High Sheriff, it’s a chance to say thank you and to celebrate all the wonders and wonderful people of Cumbria.”

It is a ticketed event that will enable guests to reflect on their own gratitude while raising funds for Eden Valley Hospice.

Marcia explained: “On a recent visit there, I discovered what an amazing organisation this is and, while we all hope we will never need their help, the care and support they offer to those who do is simply remarkable and deserves our backing.

“Every one of us has things to be grateful for, so come and celebrate your gratitude in a fun way - as we turn a US tradition into a very British experience!”

The Thanksgiving dinner will be a three-course dinner prepared by The Lost Chef, Andrew Pollock, and will be held in the Tithe Barn, Carlisle, on November 30 from 7.30pm to 11pm.

Tickets are £35 per head (available from or by emailing

Guests are invited to bring their own drink for the evening.