CALLS are growing for a “dangerous” school wind turbine to be taken down after parts of it have come off for the THIRD time.

Leading Copeland councillor David Moore has demanded the structure in in the grounds of Seascale Primary School is removed immediately amid safety fears.

The school, in Croft Head Road, Seascale, has also described the latest incident as “unacceptable”, pledging to decommission it without “100 per cent” guarantees this will never happen again.

Mr Moore, who has previously raised previous concerns, intervened this week after a resident reported parts of the same turbine had again blown onto his land.

A blade flew off the turbine and landed 200 yards away in a field earmarked for housing in December 2013, narrowly missing some horses.

And in March 2018, a large piece of the same turbine smashed into a Seascale home in high winds, with residents saying at the time that it “could have killed someone”.

Mr Moore, who represents Seascale and sits on Allerdale Council’s executive, has written to senior planning officer Jayne Peterson.

He has also contacted Paul Turner, who represents the village as a county councillor, urging him to back his calls for the structure to be removed.

He said: “Previously, we called for it to be removed or made safe – and the school said it couldn’t happen again.

“But now big lumps have again blown off the turbine and landed in the garden of a house.

“I believe now that this is an intolerable risk to the community: this is the third such time this turbine has had problems.

“And having spoken to a number of local residents, we believe the only safe solution is for the turbine to be removed before someone is injured or worse.”

This week, pieces of the ‘cowling’ – the outer layer of the turbine – landed in a garden.

A spokesman for the school said: “This is unacceptable and we are concerned that it has happened again.

“We are currently talking to engineers and unless we can be 100 per cent certain that this issue will not happen again, the school governors will look in to having the wind turbine decommissioned.”