A MOBILE cocktail bar themed around the BBC programme Peaky Blinders will be launched by a young entrepreneur tonight.

Ashley Fisher, 22, from Abbeytown near Wigton, came up with the idea about two-years-ago to open a mobile bar.

The Thirsty Blinders will kick off tonight in the forecourt of the Barista, Wigton, from 5pm.

Ashley explained: “I had the idea which came from working in bars in Carlisle.

“I’ve always wanted to have my own business but ended up working in timeshare in the Lake District for a while.

“But after some time I got sick of having to meet targets each month and bought the trailer.

“I finally had the idea to turn it into a mobile bar. I just thought if I didn’t do it know I would never do it.”

Ashley has a passion for riding horses and teaching others to horse ride too.

By owning his own business this will enable him to carry on teaching horse riding lessons while running the bar at night.

“I’m really into horse riding,” added Ashley.

“Don’t get me wrong, the timeshare really helped me with my professionalism and helped build the skills I would need.

“I’ve always remembered how much I enjoyed working in a bar and this means I can still teach at the same time.”

When he first had the idea to set up the horsebox bar he didn’t want to set a theme, however, noticing how popular the Peaky Blinders is he recognised the need for one.

Ashley said: “I didn’t want to have a theme, but I love the Peaky Blinders.

“It’s a popular TV show and it’s in fashion.

“I just thought I should ride the crust of the wave while I could.”

Thee 22-year-old will serve 10 cocktails all themed around the hit TV show.

On offer will be things like The Tommy Shelby, Grace’s secret, Changretta’s vendetta and Arthur’s advocate.

There will be other drinks on offer too.

Ashley decided that apart from the drinks and the name being themed around the show he would keep the rest contemporary themed.

“It means when the Peaky Blinders goes out of fashion I can just change the cocktails and keep the business going,” he added.

Without the help of his grandfather, William this wouldn’t have been possible.

Over six-months-ago Ashley and William started pulling the horse trailer to pieces and fixing it up.

While he was converting the new bar, Ashley has been working in the Barista, Wigton which is where the idea came from to launch there.

Once up and running Ashley hopes he will be able to take it to weddings and events and has already been in touch with agricultural shows.

For more information, follow The Thirsty Blinders on Facebook.