Blackbeard’s Tea Party blend rock guitar, Latin rhythms, Chili Peppers-style funk and folky fiddling, with lyrics drenched in blood and guts, seawater and booze.

The rowdy and ramshackle outfit are famed for frantic fiddling and a thumping backline.

They also hoist outlandish outfits, costume changes, DIY props, unhinged stage antics and chaotic choreography to their full-on sound to provide a high-octane show.

Their ‘Ten Yaar Anniversary’ tour comes to Carlisle this weekend.

Their recent release, the 5-track EP Leviathan! explores the romanticised glories and the real life gruesome horrors that were an everyday part of the 19th century whaling industry.

The mix of traditional sounds and rock is perfect for big tents and events and as well as playing well-known folk festivals in Cambridge, Sidmouth, Manchester and Cropredy, they have also performed in the Borneo rainforest.

The band, who return to Cumbria in May to play the Ireby music festival, believe a live show should be a spectacle for the eyes as well as the ears.

Formed in 2009 after meeting at the University in York, the group was conceived as a busking band to temper the savage realities of adult life and scratch together some extra pocket money.

Front man and chief rabble rouser, Stuart Giddens, says: ‘It’s not every day your band makes it to 10 years.

‘We’ve had some brilliant moments in the band over the last 10 years. At Cropredy in 2014, we were voted 'best band'.

"In fact, 2014 was a particularly good year, as that was the year we were invited to perform at the Rainforest World Music Festival in Borneo – an incredible experience!

“We’re so pleased that we’re still here, playing gigs and festivals, getting people dancing.

"It’s a difficult business, especially for a band that plays the kind of music we do, so we’re delighted at the generosity and support of our fans.”

n Blackbeard’s Teaparty, Old Fire Station, Carlisle, Saturday. For tickets go to or call 01228 598596.