A night of music, friendship and defiance to raise money to fight cancer and involving some of the biggest rock names in Cumbria has sold out.

Mosh For Cancer has been organised to raise funds for Macmillan and Mikey Lawless, who has an inoperable brain tumour.

The 31-year-old is bass player with the Carlisle rock band Falling Red and continues to play with the band as much as possible and hopes to perform in the concert at The Brickyard, Carlisle, tomorrow.

Organiser Hayley Moore has seen friends and family hit by the disease and explained: “I feel helpless, but I have to do something to at least help the tiniest bit.

“It is this music that helped me all my life that got me through when I was down.”

Hayley, of Morton, Carlisle, who is the partner of Falling Red drummer Dave Sanders, has recruited a range of rockers who will all perform cover versions.

The 37-year-old said: “They will be covering all the bands who made us who we are, who helped us through bad times and made us sing through the good. Most proceeds will go to Macmillan Cancer Support and some to Mikey to make sure he gets the things he needs.”

Among those taking part are Falling Red, The Sun Explodes and The Dissident Youthore.

Hayley said: "I want to thank everyone for their support who have bought tickets and t-shirts."

To donate, go to www.moshforcancer.co.uk