JUDGES hearing an appeal against the conviction of the so-called ‘Lady in the Lake’ murderer will give their ruling at a later date.

Gordon Park was found guilty of murdering his wife Carol, whose body was found in Coniston Water in the Lake District 21 years after her disappearance in 1976.

Park, who always maintained his innocence, hanged himself in his prison cell on his 66th birthday in January 2010 while serving a life sentence.

A posthumous appeal brought on his behalf by his son, Jeremy Park, was referred to the court by the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) which investigates possible miscarriages of justice.

CCRC lawyers told the court on Tuesday that failures by prosecution lawyers to share evidence with the defence at Park’s 2005 trial casts doubt on the safety of his conviction.

However, CPS lawyers contend there was ‘compelling’ evidence against Park and his conviction is therefore safe.

Dame Victoria Sharp, one of three judges hearing the appeal, said they had reserved their judgement and would give a ruling at a later date.

South Lakeland District Councillor Mark Wilson said he hoped the result would provide ‘closure’.

He said: “After all these years, I hope the family get some kind of closure from this.

“Hopefully the new evidence will help solve the case once and for all and the truth is able to come to light.”

Cllr Wilson knew Park while they were both teachers in Barrow.

He said: “He seemed to have a reasonable career as a teacher when I knew him. I’m pleased his family have stood by him through everything after all this time.”