Cockermouth School food technology students were treated to a fish mongering demonstration yesterday , to assist them with their food technology studies.

Sharon Heron, from Fyne Fish in Cockermouth, visited the year 10 and 11 students to show them how to prepare and fillet fish and shared fish mongering techniques covering fish, molluscs and crustaceans.

Food and nutrition teacher Heather Sale said: "The students were really enthusiastic and keen to take part.

"Filleting fish is something that many students had never had the opportunity to do before so it was a chance for them to practice a new knife skill, although some attempts were better than others!

"Sharon is so passionate about fish, you can’t help but get drawn in by her enthusiasm. We are so grateful to her for coming into school and sharing her knowledge with the students."

Year 10 student, Daniel Fearon, said: "The garlic and herb marinade I used on my mackerel tasted really nice, it was favourite out of the two that we tried."

Charlotte Bone, also in year 10, said: "I’ve never tried mussels before, I expected them to be slimy but they were lovely. I enjoyed the lobster too; it’s nice to try new things."

Sharon Heron said “I love coming into school and demonstrating, especially when the students are as keen as this. It’s a break from my usual routine.”

Students benefitted from a demonstration and a hands-on workshop, which enabled them to fillet a mackerel, observe how to cook the fish and serve with marinades, how to de-vein a king prawn using a cocktail stick, then how to cook and serve them with a sweet chilli dipping sauce, how to prepare a lobster and the chance to taste it and what should be done with mussels and when they are safe to eat.

The mussels were cooked in a chilli, coconut and lime broth and the class were then able to have a taste.