THE Brexit Party has changed one of its Cumbrian candidates as leader Nigel Farage prepares to visit the county today.

Philip Walling says he was told that he was being replaced as the prospective parliamentary candidate for Workington after having his nomination papers signed in London on Monday.

The former barrister received the news that the party’s Copeland candidate, David Walker, would now stand in his place.

“I’m a local lad who will tell the truth, and people from Silloth, Maryport and, of course, Workington particularly liked that.”

Being new to the world of politics, the author-turned-politician asked for support from his party, and feels this may have led to the “hurtful” decision to place Mr Walker into his role.

He added: “As Workington is a very important seat, I said I would need some help because I couldn’t do it all on my own.

“I was just told ‘we don’t do that sort of thing’ and that I’m the CEO of my own campaign, and then I was moved.”

Mr Walling says he has been left feeling hurt and let down by the party he believed in most, and doubts the future holds a win for the Brexit Party.

“I don’t have a clue who I’ll vote for now, but I will certainly think twice before supporting a party who is capable of treating someone this way,” Mr walling said.

Although he is “livid”, Mr Walling is more hurt for the people of the constituency, who he had big plans for should he have won the seat.

He said: “I’m very disappointed, but not for myself – I’m disappointed for the people of Workington, because I could have made a good difference for them.”

The Brexiteer still hopes to see the UK leave Europe, and will “vote for any party who will make it happen”, but feels the Brexit Party have a serious chance of failing on their greatest promise.

This has happened as Nigel Farage is due to meet party activists today, with engagements in both Workington and Carlisle.

And with Mr Farage wanting Prime Minister Boris Johnson to abandon his proposed Brexit deal, concerns are being raised as 20 party members have already stepped down from the campaign.

“I’m doubting whether the Brexit Party will get Britain out of Europe,” Mr Walling said, echoing the fears of other supporters.

“I’m not interested in grubby political power, and I think that was the party’s problem with me.”

Commenting on the replacement, a spokesman for the Brexit Party said: "David is a great candidate. He is a former dentist and NHS professional and is truly committed to Brexit and the local people.

"As with all parties, the candidates will be finalised by the 14th when paperwork must be handed in."