A milestone that was hidden and damaged beyond repair has been given a new lease of life – and a new companion.

Broughton Cross's Grade II listed milestone was shattered by a hedge trimmer around 25 years ago, left with only the base featuring a number five.

The marker then disappeared over the years, being forgotten after grass and shrubbery grew over it.

As United Utilities began work in the area thought to be surrounding the milestone, they agreed to repair it if they came across it, but with no such luck, they donated £600 to Brigham Parish Council to install a new one.

Carlisle-based Terry Moore, from the Milestone Society, was brought onboard to design the fresh piece, and saw that it was made by Natural Stone Cumbria.

But soon after, the original milestone was stumbled upon by a member of the community, and has been repaired and painted by Terry, with its new milestone-companion added to its side last week.

"I am delighted to see that the Milestone has been replaced," Councillor David Wilson said.

"The original is a Grade II listed feature and so remains in situ, but we have been responsible for a replacement, with kind thanks to United Utilities for their financial support, and Terry Moore, John Hall and Tony Dixon for its installation."

He added: "This Milestone will be looked upon as an historical feature of the Parish in another hundred years or so."

Brigham Parish Council clerk Donna Holliday is also thrilled with the updated milestones, and said: "We're very grateful to Terry for all of his help and knowledge."