A nature preservation group in West Cumbria has been hard at work on an environmental project.

Workington Nature Partnership cleaned up Harrington harbour with a community beach clean on Wednesday.

Susan Cammish, an officer for the nature partnership, said: “It was absolutely brilliant, we invited some volunteers who had been to previous events.

“A group I hadn’t met before, Westfield Community Group, wanted to get involved with the beach clean.”

This time she had 33 volunteers on-hand to help with the clean-up. The site had been filled with non-biodegradable litter and debris such as tyres.

She added: “It’s something local residents want to get involved in. They realise the importance of the space.

“We had a lot of support from the community.”

The wildlife conservation group are working to restore Harrington Nature Reserve after vandals caused damage to bridges and benches last month.

Environmentally friendly young people from Allerdale and Copeland’s youth councils helped out with the works on Tuesday. Students took part in a wildflower project and litter clean-up, brambles and undergrowth were cleared so that visitors to the reserve can enjoy the Blackthorn and Hawthorn trees.

The nature partnership also takes care of what it calls “green corridors”, wildlife spots in urban areas that lead to nature reserves.

Susan added: “It creates that stepping stone for nature.

“It’s about maintaining a safer habitat for the living creatures, it does all link.”