Society is divided into two tribes, according to funnyman Russell Kane.

“Half of us have this sort of restless brain, always working. These are the people who pace up and down, who can’t bear being delayed, who are always either stressing out or chasing the next excitement,” he explains.

“The second group is the ‘Life’s too short, man, chill out. It’s a red bill, who cares, they’re not going to seize your house.’

“They’re the two tribes and they need each other. If you’re not sure which one you are, ask yourselves this – when you’re going on holiday, which of you goes on Trip Advisor, looks up all the hotels and restaurants and sucks the fun out of the trip before you go?”

He explains his thinking when he comes to The Sands Centre, Carlisle, with his latest standup show The Fast and the Curious, next week.

There’s no doubting which camp Kane belongs to. He’s one of life’s natural Duracell bunnies, talking at incredible speed in a desperate (but perhaps always unsuccessful) attempt to keep up with the flow of his own ideas.

“I called the show ‘The Fast And The Curious’ because that is how I have to live every single day of my life,” he confirms.

“Nothing slows down, I bounce out of bed at a 100 miles an hour, before I even have a coffee.

“It’s the opposite of ADHD, I’ve got overly focused attention disorder,” he laughs.

Russell Kane, The Sands Centre, November 7. For tickets, call 01228 633766 or go to www.thesands