Left wing comedian Mark Thomas was forced to halt his show in Carlisle last night when a member of the audience collapsed.

Thomas was just 10 minutes into his standup routine at the Old Fire Station when he noticed a man slumped over near the front of the stage.

He asked if the man was all right and when he didn't respond, the comedian asked if there was a medic in the crowd.

Two people from the audience stepped forward to offer assistance while an ambulance was called.

The audience of nearly 300 were asked to wait in the bar area while paramedics attended the patient.

After 25 minutes, the comedian resumed his routine, praising the crowd for their calmness and especially those who had stepped forward to help.

He said that the patient had recovered.

One member of the audience said afterwards: "It was all a bit shocking but Mark dealt with it very well and he did well to continue his show afterwards."