Tributes have been paid to former Gretna Football Club chairman and secretary Ron MacGregor following his death this week.

Mr MacGregor was a much-liked figure in the region’s footballing scene through his connection with the Raydale Park club - alongside wife Helen - for many years.

Gretna 2008 chairman Alex Thomson confirmed that Mr MacGregor passed away peacefully on Monday.

Mr MacGregor provided Gretna with a link to their days in England’s Unibond League before the border club took a position in the Scottish Football League in the summer of 2002.

A dramatic six-year period then saw Gretna, backed by Carlisle-based benefactor Brooks Mileson, rise to the Scottish Premier League and play UEFA Cup football before its dramatic collapse as the financial support was pulled.

Having been club secretary for many years, Mr MacGregor also served Gretna as chairman, taking over in 2003. He is understood to have been aged in his early 80s.

"What can I say about Ron? He was a proper gentleman," said Mr Thomson.

"He was a big help to the club.

"Even while I have been chairman [of Gretna 2008], he has always been someone who I could ask for advice.

"Before then, my father had been a supporter at Gretna for about 40 years, and Ron was always someone who would make the time to talk to you.

"He did a lot for the club. He did a lot for old Gretna and he did a lot for new Gretna, as well. He will be a great loss to football.

"His wife, Helen, is a lovely woman. She is passionate about Gretna, too."

A host of figures from the footballing community paid tribute to Mr MacGregor with messages on Gretna 2008’s Facebook page.

Today, Gretna 2008 will pay their own tribute to MacGregor, whose wife served as the club’s secretary and vice-chairman, ahead of their Scottish Lowland League game against Vale of Leithen at Raydale Park.

“I have spoken to Helen and she is pleased with what Gretna are doing in tribute to Ron,” said Gretna 2008 chief executive Stuart Rome.

"Ron was a fantastic servant to Gretna Football Club. He was a really genuine man - Gretna through and through."

Meanwhile, Annan Athletic secretary Alan Irving said: “Ron was a real gentleman.

"I didn’t know him all that well personally but, in every encounter I had with him, he was always helpful. I would think he was a great help to Gretna during the Brooks Mileson era.”