A group who want to stay in the EU couldn't join in with the London-based Brexit protest last weekend – so took the People's Vote march to France instead.

Cockermouth couple Laurie and Janet Mansfield and their friends Dianne and John Moyes had travelled to the town's "twin", Marvejols, in France, for "twinning week".

After realising they would miss the opportunity to take part in London's demonstration opposing Brexit, which took place on Saturday, the team of four decided to hold their own demonstration in the Marvejols market, and were thrilled to be met with endless support from the locals.

"We were really delighted by the good spirits of people around us," Laurie said. "They were stopping us and saying 'good for you', 'bon courage' and giving us thumbs up."

Remaining a part of Europe is close to the group's heart, with both couples owning holiday homes in the area since 2001, and visiting their twin town since 1986.

"We're proud to be British, but we love Europe," Laurie explained. "This whole business has become split, and the language being used is so violent that we were worried to express our opinion, but we decided that we need to say what we think and take the consequences, and the support has been great."

A larger group from Cockermouth have recently joined the friends for "twinning week", which sees the two towns' residents getting to know each other through plenty of exploring and sightseeing.

And with the support from their twin, the Cumbrian crew are glad they made their wish to stay united with Europe clear, and want to continue "twinning" with Marvejols.