Drink caused confusion in the mind of Robert Baran, after he fell asleep on a train leaving Carlisle and was woken by the conductor checking he was alright.

And as the conductor turned away, Baran, 35, got up, his speech slurred as he shouted abuse and threatened: “I’ll beat you up … you tried to rob me.”

When the train reached Annan, the conductor got off, followed by Baran who again berated him before heading off. The matter was reported to police and, as the incidents were recorded on CCTV, he was eventually traced.

At Dumfries Sheriff Court, Baran, of Princess Avenue, Annan, admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner and making threats towards the conductor on the train and at Annan railway station in August last year.

A solicitor said that Baran, a process worker, had been drinking in Carlisle and had fallen asleep and when awakened by the conductor was confused about where he was.

Sheriff David Hall fined Baran £300 and warned him: “This type of behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.”