THE mum of a disabled Carlisle woman has issued a heartfelt appeal after her daughter’s precious necklaces have gone missing.

Irene Roberts-Green has contacted the News & Star to ask for help, after her daughter Corinne lost her two necklaces last week.

One of the necklaces was bought for her 21st birthday by her brother, who died suddenly in 2003.

Mrs Roberts-Green said: “She is absolutely devastated. Gregg was my best friend and certainly was Corinne’s.

“When he knew he would not live, he said ‘I can’t look at Corinne because I know I am not going to be here for her’. He loved her very much.”

Gregg was in South Korea in 2006 when he suddenly starting getting headaches. Doctors then told him he had three weeks to live.

The family believe the necklaces were lost somewhere in Carlisle city centre on Thursday.

The timeline of Corinne’s movements is as follows:

  • Finished work at Tullie House at 3pm, before leaving the building at about 3.20pm;
  • Met a helper in Carlisle Library at 3.30pm;
  • Realised the necklaces were lost at 4.30pm in the Cumberland Building Society.

There are two necklaces: one has two gold pendants on it, and the other has one.

Mrs Roberts-Green continued: “If anyone has got it, please realise how much it means.

“It is a bit of her brother. It is round her neck every day.

“It is not the monetary value, it is the fact they were given with love.”

Corinne suffers from learning difficulties and is disabled. She lives in a bungalow with her husband Alan near to St Luke’s Church in the Morton area of Carlisle.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Irene Roberts-Green on 07970 673236.