Cumbria’s MPs have revealed how they will vote in today’s crunch Brexit vote.

The vote taking in a special Saturday sitting of Parliament will decide whether the House of Commons supports or rejects the new Brexit deal hammered out by Boris Johnson.

John Stevenson, MP for Carlisle, explained how this deal differs from the one agreed under Theresa May.

“The fundamental change is the backstop that Theresa May had falls away,” he said.

“It still leaves a more complicated arrangement with Northern Ireland, but one that allows us as a country to go forward and make whatever trade agreements we want in the future.”

He said he will be voting to pass Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal: “I will be supporting the government. We have to get this deal over the line. I think the Prime Minister has done well to get us to this stage.

“It would be a travesty if we didn’t support the deal. I know there are many Labour MPs who want to support it. They have to put the country before their party.”

Workington’s Labour MP, Sue Hayman says she cannot bring herself to vote for the new deal on many levels.

“I think it is worse than Theresa May’s deal,” she said. “I believe it paves the way for de-regulation.

“I’ve always said I couldn’t vote for no deal or a deal that harms jobs and living standards and environmental rights. I couldn’t vote for a deal unless it protected these things.”

Mrs Hayman said she was also concerned that the proposal would affect businesses as it would mean the UK leaving the customs union and the single market.

“Any businesses I have spoken to in my constituency have said that they need that close relationship with the EU,” she added.

Copeland’s Tory MP Trudy Harrison will also be voting with the Prime Minister.

Mrs Harrison said: “Boris Johnson, against the odds, has managed to open the Withdrawal Agreement, get rid of the backstop and alter the political declaration – and has done it in 85 days.

“Workers, social and environmental rights will remain as the previous Agreement and we have a green light from the EU to develop our own world-beating Free Trade Agreement.

“I will be enthusiastically supporting our Prime Minister to get Brexit done and will be voting for this deal on Saturday. I hope the DUP come onside as this is a very good deal for Northern Ireland.”

Rory Stewart, Independent MP for Penrith and the Border, did not respond to requests from the News & Star.