Our home form is a real concern, especially after the Crewe game last Saturday. Apart from against Oldham, when we scored after two minutes, every team takes the initiative against us at Brunton Park. From kick-off we’re getting bullied out of it and pushed back.

Against Crewe, even before the first goal Hallam Hope was only about 30 yards from Adam Collin. When we cleared the ball it was going straight to Crewe’s defenders who were retaining possession without any pressure. If you’re having that much possession, you grow in confidence. We did well to get the two goals back. Then Crewe went up a gear.

The high-pressing style that Steven Pressley talks about isn’t happening at the minute. At home we always seem to be under pressure. We never have a 20-minute spell where we’re on top.

It seems to be lack of confidence. You never see anybody waving their fist to get things going. It’s very quiet. We’re relying on our creative players creating something. But with the level of possession we’re having, they’re not getting the chance.

We saw Steven Pressley’s passion when he turned to the Paddock after Carlisle equalised. You’ve got to have the performances to go with it. It will take a couple of results to turn it around. It’s a question of where they’re coming from.

Nathan Thomas - when he’s on song he’ll create chances. The same with Stefan Scougall if he can pick his fitness up.

I didn’t see the 2-1 win against Blackpool on Tuesday night in the Leasing.com Trophy, as it’s called now. I don’t go to those games since they started including Premier League under-21 sides. I don’t agree with that. It should just be about lower league clubs trying to get to Wembley. From Radio Cumbria’s commentary it sounded like a testimonial. But a few players have maybe put themselves in the manager’s mind. We’ll have a better idea of that at Plymouth tomorrow.

I remember a match there in 1966. We flew from Blackpool. We won 2-1 and Willie Carlin scored both goals. I’m just hoping history repeats itself with the result.

We’ve got a bad record at Plymouth in recent years. But it’s all about attitude. Instead of thinking our record there hasn’t been good, think “It’s time that changed.” Start on the front foot. Do what other teams are doing to us. We can get a result - it’s that kind of league. No result particularly surprises you.

Don’t use the journey as an excuse. It’s about a seven-hour drive now. Usually we would leave at eight in the morning the day before and get there 12 hours later. The motorway was just a dream.

We’re home to Northampton on Tuesday night and the return of Keith Curle. There isn’t a lot of lads left from when he was manager. Curle or not, we’ve got to get this monkey off our back with our home form. Whether we’re showing teams too much respect, or it’s systems, I don’t know. I always think if you’ve got 11 lads wound up to have a go, you’ve got a chance.

It wasn’t the ideal start to the season, bringing in players so late. Any manager would have struggled with that. They’re still not playing as a unit. We don’t want to be dragged any further down. Carlisle United, to me, shouldn’t be down at this level.

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