Melanie Baker went to great lengths and scaled a mountain to record a video of her new single.

The Cumbrian singer songwriter hiked up the 2,126ft of Fleetwith pike with a piano and ignored the snow, 70mph winds and the -10 temperatures of an April dawn to record her song False Fantasies.

The extreme performance was was developed and directed by Peter Blair.

The film and photographic director runs Hue Media in London, but was brought up in Thursby and grew up climbing and fell running.

Melanie, from Penrith, told him she wanted a unique video for her single False Fantasies and Peter explained: "We both wanted to do something from where we are from."

The concept to put a piano on a Lake District summit, so Melanie could perform at sunrise.

"It was quite an effort," said Peter, who works with the Perter McQueen fashion house and recently on soul singer Mahalia's video for the single Simmer as well as on a Hollywood blockbuster.

"As well as the snow, there was a minus 10 degree windchill factor and 70 miles an hour winds.

"We had to get up at 3am to film at 6am.

"We got the piano up with the help of the Honister Slate Mine.

"There is a mining track round the back, so we could transport the piano, but we still had to carry it the last few hundred metres."

The striking and beautiful four minute film took months of planning and two days to shoot, but Peter is thrilled wit hthe end result.

"It is something I have never done before, but I would do it again. It was a great experience. It is something you don't do every day."

"Melanie and I are now talking about how to top it, but I'm not sure how we would do that."

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