A CONFUSED-looking young man approached by a Good Samaritan on a Carlisle street asked the stranger to call a friend - and then told the man: “I’m going to cut you.”

At the city’s magistrates’ court, Bradley Norman, 21, admitted possessing cannabis and using threatening behaviour.

Norman, of Great Corby, near Carlisle, committed the offence on September 29 after he was found on the street apparently under the influence of something.

When the stranger offered help, he handed over his mobile and asked the man to phone somebody called, ‘Anna’, the court heard.

He then demanded: “What are you doing with my phone?, Who do you think you are?” and made the cut threat, the court heard.

Norman said he could not remember the incident.

He was fined £40, told to pay his victim £60 compensation, £85 costs, and a £32 victim surcharge.