Echoes of 90s Ibiza dance tracks are the inspiration for the latest EP from Novablood.

The Carlisle-based electro duo is made up of former Burn The Negative and We Take Polaroids frontman turned house music producer Mark Baker (or Zowie) and ex-Genic frontman David Beattie.

Their latest production is called 9192 and Mark explained: “Within its original production it was predominantly a European / Balearic track which really sat outside all genres I would normally produce and release, so the track was shelved until it became apparent as to what I could actually do with it.

“Dave took the track away and felt there was a 90s element to it, which I personally never latched onto at the time – now it’s all I can hear.

“Although I never enjoy revisiting the music I’ve produced, I felt a club mix was only appropriate.

“The remix is my own under my Mark Zowie guise and we wanted to dumb the vocal down a little bit and bring out some of the ’90s hypnotic club elements. I’m really pleased with it.”

Dave added: “9192 is a snapshot of the club scene that we experienced in the early 90s and how most people of our age look back with a warm nostalgia at those heady times in Annabelles in Carlisle, the Hacienda in Manchester, Colours at the arches in Glasgow.

“We were fortunate to be in our early 20s when this whole scene came along, the biggest youth movement since punk. The club remix brings it full circle.”

The track is backed by two others – Your Window and Circles. Dave said: “Your Window is about nostalgia and the importance of memories to people living on their own.”

Mark provides the vocals for Circles and added: “Circles was always more about the vibe. The track was originally written as a disco track, with full percussion, bass and guitars, then I sampled it and chopped it into a hook.”

The tracks are released next Friday. For more information, go to the Novablood Facebook page.