A CUMBRIAN motorist who drove at up to 123 miles an hour on the M74 has been banned from driving for a year and lost his job as a result.

Lee Gordon, 23, from Longtown Road, Brampton, admitted a charge of driving dangerously near Ecclefechan at excessive speeds in March.

The Sheriff at Dumfries was told that police had been carrying a static check when they saw Gordon’s car go past.

They followed it south and managed to stop it near the Gretna Services, the court heard.

A solicitor stressed that it had been dry and visibility was good and Gordon had picked up the car just that day and was not used to it.

He added that Gordon, a water engineer would lose his job as a result of the driving ban and it would have a massive impact on his life.

Sheriff Liam Murphy also imposed a fine of £500.