Don’t eat salt. You’re doomed if you eat pasta.

Red meat will kill you just by looking at it.

Health warnings are betting out of hand.

We’ve got to the point where we have barely digested this week’s alert when it is overtaken by a different finding that stresses things aren’t really that bad after all.

The latest dismissal of dire warnings is this week’s announcement that we are allowed to eat red meat after all.

This, after we were all told that eating too much red meat poses a serious risk to our health.

Part of the trouble lies with the researchers themselves.

They are either carrying out their study on behalf of a vested interest, or they need to come up with an extreme or headline-grabbing finding to get the publicity and attract future funding.

It has got to the point now where each health warning now comes comes with its own warning that it probably isn’t as accurate as you might think.

It might even be a bit wrong.

You probably would be just as well carrying on.

We all know that if we have too much of one thing again and again, it will lead to serious health issues.

You can’t live off just takeaways, or bread or Irn Bru, chips or marshmallows alone.

Nor should we be fed more and more extreme warnings.

n I’m no royalist, but the Queen is our head of state and deserves due respect.

This even includes from our Prime Minister.

It has been reported that Boris Johnson telephoned the Queen to apologise shortly after the Supreme Court had ruled his prorogation was not lawful.

It didn’t go down well.

It has also been claimed that the Queen has asked if she had powers to dismiss him.

This may be an exaggeration, but I can understand how she might be fed up of him already. He can’t be trusted.

I’ve long thought David Cameron was one of the worst Prime Ministers we have suffered, certainly since the war.

Johnson is rapidly overtaking him.

His personal behaviour, in and out of Parliament, is certainly worse.

Our two major political parties have the worst leaders in their history.

Perhaps her Maj could lock them both in the Tower and we could start all over again with an election?

He has now grandly promised to build 40 new hospitals.

But look closely and you’ll find that the government has said it will give ‘seed funding’ to the creation of new hospitals – which means a small start-up amount with the rest provided by private finance – private finance that usually wants to make a serious return on its investment… PFI anyone?

The government

Then there’ the issue of who will staff all these brilliant new buildings.

We’re currently short of 40,000 nurses and 10,000 doctors. Cumbria NHS is trying to recruit nurses from Italy to fill its empty spaces.

Aren’t we supposed to be leaving the EU to cut down on immigration from Europe?