Kill Spector continue the launch of their new album in Carlisle next month when they support ex-Specials guitarist Roddy Radiation and his band the Skabilly Rebels.

The Carlisle punks have produced a 10 track CD called Maximus Epious and, while it’s not a concept album, frontman Phil Exile says it is the first album he has produced that is based on a particular subject.

Phil, a former member of city punk outfit The Exiles, says: “It is based on the connection the city has with the Romans. Maximus Epious means the biggest EP, we are taking the mickey with it because it is a 10 track CD.

“It’s punk with psychedelic connotations to it. It is Carlisle’s heritage twisted.”

A four track version has been produced in Istanbul and the band are hoping it will create interest in Europe. A radio station in Idaho has already played a track from it.

The band are supporting the Skabilly Rebels after a friend of Phil’s emailed the band and asked them to play Carlisle.

“We’re going to get in touch with other bands, have a conversation and organise more gigs,” said Phil.

Since releasing the album in the summer, the band have been playing gigs in Carlisle, Blackpool and the north east to promote it.

They support Roddy Radiation & The Skabilly Rebels at the Old Fire Station on October 19.

For tickets, go to or call 01228 598596