HOLIDAYMAKERS who have been left high and dry by collapsed travel firm Thomas Cook are being offered alternative breaks - to Allonby.

Peter Blake, who runs the Baywatch Hotel and Jack’s Surf Bar - is offering free breaks to people who lost their holidays and former employees of Thomas Cook.

Mr Blake, 50, put a message on his Facebook page on Monday night following the collapse of the travel firm.

Thomas Cook went into liquidation earlier this week, leaving thousands of passengers stranded and 9,000 UK workers jobless.

The company had sought £250m from the UK government to continue to operate, but this was turned down as the government argued that it would not survive anyway.

Mr Blake felt he had to do something to help.

He said in his post: “If you’ve lost your job at Thomas Cook and are feeling down or you think you might have lost your hard earned holiday come to Costa del Allonby for a couple of nights free of charge and we will try and cheer you up for a little while. It’s not all-inclusive.”

All Mr Blake asked people to do was to show proof that their holiday had been cancelled or proof that they used to work for the travel firm.

He said: “I go to Benidorm frequently and last time I was there I was delayed for three hours. That was bad enough never mind having your holiday cancelled or losing your job.

“I try to help the community when I can. I’ve been in the pub trade for 28 years. I just want to give back as much as possible.”

Since his offer Mr Blake has been contacted by several people interested in his unique offer.

He said: “I’ve told them to bring their sun tan lotion and their buckets and spades but that might be being a bit optimistic. I’ve got one girl coming today and another lady next week with her two children. She was supposed to be going to Turkey.

“It’s hard when you have to disappoint children. It’s a hard thing to have to explain to children.

“One ex-Thomas Cook employee from Stockport has also been in touch.

“She’s lost her job.

“For me it’s the cost of a couple of nights gas and electricity and a cooked breakfast. I’m happy to help.”

Mr Blake’s former chef also lost his holiday in Spain.

“I’ve got some contacts in Spain so I’ve managed to sort him out with some accommodation,” he said.

Thousands of passengers were left stranded overseas following the collapse of the travel giant on Sunday night.

They are being in the process of being repatriated by the Civil Aviation Authority.