A MASS book hunt will take place in Carlisle this weekend.

The Kip McGrath education centre is donating 300 books to the North Carlisle Look for a Book which will be hidden around Carlisle on Sunday.

Mike Denovellis from North Carlisle Look for a Book said: “The two groups are working together to gather a group of volunteers to help hide the books, and we’d like to get as many children as possible out hunting for them.

“Carly from Kip McGrath has amazingly bought, bagged and prepared a staggering 300 brand new books - to cater for all ages - ready to hide in Carlisle this Sunday.

“The mission to hide books will begin at 10am from the Sands Centre as a central point - from there we are looking for volunteers - both big and small - to help hide books right across the city.

“Clues can then be posted on either group and then the mission to find a book is on.”

Carly Lancaster from Kip McGrath education centre said: “We are donating 300 books to Look for a Book North and South Carlisle.

“We will be hiding them on Sunday, September 29 and would love to get people out this weekend hunting for books with their children.”

Half the books will be hidden in north Carlisle and half in south Carlisle.

Mike, a dad-of-two from Lowry Hill, first started the book group in the summer holidays and the idea has really taken off.

Year 1 and Year 2 children at Kingmoor Nursery and Infant School in Lowry Hill held their own book searching event in Kingmoor Woods last week.

An interest in books and reading helps children boost their literacy levels.