Police have pledged to look into an allegation that a speed camera van was “tailgating” motorists.

The commitment came after a passenger captured mobile phone footage of the yellow van appearing to be driving too closely to the car in front on the A66 near Keswick.

Michael Naughton, said he and a colleague were on the eastbound carriageway, in the 40mph roadworks, on September 16 when they spotted the van.

“My colleague, who was driving, commented about a van speeding up the outside lane with a picture of a camera on the bonnet,” he told the News & Star.

“I quickly got my phone out and managed to record the video.”

Mr Naughton later shared the video on social media platform Twitter, tagging Cumbria Police in his tweet to bring it to their attention.

“I thought they were hypocritical,” he added.

While the speed of the vehicle is unclear from the video, Mr Naughton believes that by counting the seconds between the first car passing a traffic sign and the van, it clearly shows the speed camera vehicle is not adhering to the Highway Code.

This says that motorists should always allow “at least a two-second gap between you and the vehicle in front”.

A spokesman for Cumbria Police said: “The footage would suggest that the driving was not to the standard we would expect.

“We would, however, invite the dashcam footage owner to supply the full footage - including a date and time - to ourselves so relevant assessment of the situation and enquires can be made.”