Young people, activists, and community organisations across Cumbria will join a global strike today.

The strikes, organised by young people, mark a desire by many to see greater action being taken on climate change.

Across Cumbria and the world, young people will skip school or work in an attempt to make their voices heard.

A festival in Carlisle has been organised by community organisations and 13 year-old Ada Wood, who has spearheaded previous strike action in the city.

She said: “This is my first real engagement in politics.

“I am concerned to see how decisions made by governments are going to affect our planet, my future and the future of every living being.”

Children as young as six years old will be taking part in the strike, and some schools are encouraging pupils to get involved.

Throughout the day there will be speakers from the Labour Party, the Green Party, and local environmentalist organisations, as well as performances by local bands.

“The strike day is an amazing opportunity for everyone in Carlisle to come together at the same time as millions across the globe and show support for our young people in a fun, family friendly event,” said Mark Lloyd, one of the organisers.

The festival will get off to a steady start with a slow bike ride to the city centre before the mass demo begins at 12.15pm.

Elsewhere in the county, similar demonstrations will take place.

Strikers in Penrith will meet at the clock tower today at 10.30am.