AN ALCOHOLIC son banned from seeing his parents for seven years was in prison when his mum died and was laid to rest, magistrates heard.

The heartbreaking split between 48-year-old Alan Turner and his parents was revealed after he arrived unannounced at his father’s house - the 33rd time he had flouted a court ban on him contacting his parents.

Turner formerly lived in Workington while his parents were in Carlisle.

At Carlisle’s Rickergate Magistrates’ Court, he admitted breaching the restraining order by trying to visit his father on Sunday, September 8.

The defendant told police he had lost his mobile phone, which had his brother’s number in it - his only point of contact. So he visited his father’s house to check on him. He was drunk at the time.

“It would appear there was nobody at home,” said Mr Anderton.

The court heard that Turner’s criminal record includes 116 offences - including the 32 previous retraining order breaches.

Lauren Heasley, for Turner, formerly of Falcon Street, Workington, could not recall what happened.

Having lost his mobile phone, he felt his only option was to go to his father’s house.

The lawyer continued: “Mr Turner had become worried without having had contact with his family as his father hasn’t been in good health. “He was worried that if something happened to his father that he would not be informed.

“Last year, when he was in Holme House Prison, his mother passed away; he had to be informed by prison staff and he was unable to attend the funeral.”

If jailed, he would lose his accommodation and his benefits, she said. Magistrates accepted no distress was caused, but said the breach was deliberate. They jailed Turner for six months.