Fears have been raised about a potential new craze - after firefighters have been called repeatedly to rescue teenagers stuck in children’s play parks.

In the latest incident, at about 7.40pm on Sunday, fire crews had to help free a 12-year-old girl who had become stuck in the baby swing at Belah play park.

A fire service spokesman said it was the second time that weekend that crews had been called to that play park - with firefighters also responding to a teenager stuck in a baby swing at the park in Old Harraby.

“It is just silly behaviour,” he told the News & Star. “It is tying up resources.

“What if a life-threatening emergency came in at that moment and we couldn’t attend because we were busy pulling a kid out of a swing?

“These are baby swings: the clue is in the name. They are not suitable for teenagers.”

The spokesman said that in the latest incident two firefighters had lifted the girl up, taking the weight off her legs, and once the pressure was removed the swelling in her legs went down enough to allow her legs to be manipulated out.

However, if this had not been successful, there was the possibility the swing may have had to be cut apart.

He continued: “While we were at Belah, a resident from one of the houses was watching and started shouting to us, saying ‘not again’ and ‘they’ve been at it all week’.

“We’re not sure if it’s some sort of Facebook or online craze, but it is a waste of our time.”

Gareth Ellis, who is the Belah and Kingmoor councillor on Carlisle City Council, admitted he had been unaware of the recent problems.

However, he said: “There has always been a problem with older kids using the smaller equipment.

“Obviously it is important we don’t ruin the equipment because the younger people do like it.

“Teenagers can be monsters sometimes.

“If parents know they are doing this they should be thinking about the area they live in and teach them some respect.

“If firefighters are called out to this, it prevents them from going to a fire or road traffic accident.”

n Fire crews were also called out last week to release a child who had become trapped in a rope-based swing.

Members from Carlisle East fire station were called to a park by Bowman Street, in Botcher-

gate, at about 7.30pm on Thursday.