THE owner of a cat who fell from underneath a moving car has spoken of her shock - after learning of the episode via the News & Star’s website.

Sharon Savage, 46, lives just off the road that links Askham to Yanwath - which is where the cat is seen falling from the car.

The footage was captured on dashcam by Philip Lancaster, of Penrith, on August 29, with Mr Lancaster contacting the News & Star soon after.

“I have only seen the footage last night,” explained owner Sharon.

“He is out a lot of the time, but I got him in and checked him over. He wasn’t keen on me checking his back, but there were no obvious injuries.

“Until somebody sent me the footage I was unaware.”

News and Star:

The bizarre pictures show the cat falling from a moving car, before then running off into a nearby field.

“He has been under the car, on a wheel arch or whatever.

“Felix has smacked on top of something and because of the speed (about 40mph according to Mr Lancaster) has tumbled off.”

It was a surprise to Sharon when she watched the video for the first time.

“I was shocked, I thought ‘Oh my god, that is my cat’. We have had him for 13 years.

“We have lost two other cats on the road, but he is our longest serving.

“He must have more than nine lives.”

The feline is certainly no pussy cat, according to Sharon.

“He is strong, he is quite a robust character.

“He has a lot of fights, but nothing like this.”

Mr Lancaster, 56, who was driving behind when the cat fell from underneath the car, said: “My first thought was that it was completely unexpected, certainly.

“A cat has fallen out. My second thought was, I don’t want to run it over.

“Then I thought, if it’s injured does it need taken to the vets, but it was well gone before I got there.”

He continued: “My wife was in the car with me and the video doesn’t do it justice, the cat appeared much closer.

“It seems a long way away in the video, but it was actually really close.”

The owners of the vehicle from which Felix dropped said they were unaware of the cat being underneath their car and had they known they would’ve stopped.