FOUR Carlisle criminals were fined more than £3,700 after a spate of complaints were dealt with by the courts.

Carlisle City Council has reminded people to attend Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) interviews at the council or face a hefty fine and penalty if the case is dealt with in their absence.

The cases of four individuals were heard before Carlisle’s Rickergate magistrates’ court on August 28 as the authority gets tough on those who refuse to attend interviews at the council.

All four cases were brought forward by the council and all were found guilty by the court.

Gratiela Maria Nastase did not attend a PACE interview, requested by the council to investigate a report of fly-tipping in Westmorland Street - where she lives.

The alleged crime was said to have taken place in March.

Despite numerous attempts to contact Nastase, she failed to engage with the council.

Nastase was fined £660, told to pay costs of £247.83 and a victim surcharge of £66.

The total penalty for Nastase was £973.83.

In similar circumstances, Charlotte Johns, of Botcherby Avenue, was fined £660, told to pay costs of £259.64 and a victim surcharge of £66.

This fly-tipping offence was alleged to have taken place on May 7.

The total financial penalty issued by the court for Johns was £985.64.

Danielle Atkinson, of Charles Street, also failed to engage with the council after a section 108 notice was served on her to attend a PACE interview.

Atkinson was ordered to pay £155.05 in costs, to pay a fine of £660 and a victim surcharge of £66.

This alleged offence was said to have taken place on Edward Street on April 26.

Atkinson picked up a total financial penalty of £881.05.

Meanwhile, a section 108 notice was also served on Robert Farren, which he refused to respond to.

Farren, also of Charles Street, was sentenced by magistrates in Carlisle

The fly-tipping alleged to have taken place was said to have been on Edward Street in March.

The bench agreed to impose costs of £155.05, a fine of £660 and a victim surcharge of £66.00. The total penalty was £881.05.

Farren picked up a total penalty of £881.05 from the court.

A council spokeswoman said: “It is important that people attend interviews when requested as this not only assists the enforcement team but enables us to take the appropriate action against offenders where possible.”

The spokeswoman added: “These cases again highlight the importance of the action taken against those who fail to engage with us.”

All the prosecutions were brought under section 110 of the Environment Act 1995. The total amount the four were ordered to pay by the court totalled £3,721.57.