A motorist has spoken of his shock at witnessing a cat falling from underneath a car in Cumbria.

The footage was taken on August 29 on the road linking Askham to Yanwath, which is south of Penrith.

Captured on the dashcam of Penrith man Philip Lancaster, the video appears to show a black and white cat falling from underneath a falling car, before then running off into the nearby field.

Mr Lancaster said: "I have been driving for 40 years and I have never seen anything like that.

"I have seen cats running from the side of the road, but I have never seen a cat fall from a car and to do what looked like a parachute roll and run away."

He estimated the car was travelling at about 40mph when the cat fell from underneath.

The owners of the vehicle said they were unaware the cat was underneath the car and that if they had known they would've stopped immediately.