TAXI drivers could be given penalty points if they fail to follow a new city council policy brought in to further protect the public safety of passengers in Carlisle.

The new enforcement policy has resulted in more than 20 offences being reported about taxi drivers.

The Hackney Carriage and Private Licence Enforcement Policy was brought in by the council in April this year. Within the policy ,the issuing of penalty points was introduced and so far, 24 minor offences have been reported and are held on record.

The offences include:

  • Unsatisfactory behaviour or conduct of a driver (including speeding offences and not renewing a licence in time).
  • Failure to produce relevant documents within timescales when requested by an Authorised Officer.
  • Failure to notify the Council in writing of any motoring or criminal convictions within 21 days.
  • Refusal to accept hiring without reasonable cause.
  • Providing false or misleading information on licence application form/failing to provide relevant information.

Councillor Jo Ellis-Williams, Chairwoman of the council’s licensing committee and regulatory panel, said: “The majority of Carlisle’s taxi drivers carry out their duties to a high standard but unfortunately there are some who do not meet the standard we expect of our licensed drivers and are repeat offenders.

“The aim of the penalty point scheme is to provide a fast and efficient way of dealing with lesser breaches of legislation or licence conditions. It records the misdemeanours and helps determine whether the driver is a fit and proper person.

“Since the points scheme was introduced, our licensing team had received more than 20 reports of offences and we encourage anyone with concerns regarding the behaviour of any taxi driver to contact us.

“The safety of the public is paramount, and we want to ensure all the city’s licensed taxi drivers follow the best standards.” Any concerns contact 01228 817523.