A family are enjoying living in the new home they arranged to purchase entirely online without visiting it before moving in.

The Smith family, originally from Scotland, decided they wanted to move back to the UK after spending a large amount of time living and working abroad.

They settled on buying a property on Genesis Homes’ St Cuthbert’s development, in Wigton, due to its proximity to Scotland, a good secondary school for their two teenage children and international airports.

However, as they were living 8000 miles away on the Falkland Islands, the entire sale process was carried out remotely.

They studied the property via the company’s website and brochure, as well as using pictures sent to them by the developer.

All choices including kitchen units and worktops and appliances, bathroom cabinets, carpets and tiling were made via Skype and email, ready for them to move in in February.

The family worked closely with Genesis Homes’ sales executives Jame Graham and Pam Oates throughout the process.

Mum Caroline Smith moved into their new home about three months ago with their two teenage children with husband Ronnie joining them at the end of June.

Caroline said: “The whole transaction was done by skype, phone and email and was seamless.

“The customer service and communication we’ve had with Jane and Pam has been second to none and although house buying can be stressful, we’ve actually found it very straightforward – we’d definitely do it all again.”

Lisa Telford, head of sales for Genesis Homes, said: “In over 30 years of selling homes, I’ve never sold a property without it being viewed prior to purchase, although I believe it’s more common to do this in and around London.

“It’s been a great experience for us and the Smith family. Given today’s technology, there’s no reason why it can’t work, and I think we’ve proven that it can be an easy way to buy.

“That said, buying new build is a much safer option to buy without viewing than second-hand properties as buyers receive a 10-year builders guarantee which offers total peace of mind.”