I’m not a fan of the Royal Family.

I understand the position of the Queen as our monarch and her function in our society.

But the whole system has to change and most of the extended ‘family’ need to live independently from state handouts and start paying for themselves.

But even I am shocked and disturbed at the flak that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been subjected to over the past year.

It’s sad to read the views of the ‘commentators’ such as Piers Morgan and Sarah Vine and social media keyboard warriors picking apart the deeds and views of the couple.

The latest crime committed by the couple is to be frequent fliers in private jets after expressing their worries about global warming.

Sir David Attenborough - eco-warrior royalty if there was such a thing - has been booked onto his fair share of inter-continental flights over the years. Is he criticised?

Sir Elton John has defended Harry and Meghan’s latest use of private jets to go on holiday to his home in the South of France.

He said he provided the couple and their son Archie with his private plane to make sure they travelled with “a high level of much-needed protection” and that he has paid to carbon offset their trip.

The singer also sounded a warning to the media, adding: “Prince Harry’s mother, Diana Princess of Wales, was one of my dearest friends.

“I feel a profound sense of obligation to protect Harry and his family from the unnecessary press intrusion that contributed to Diana’s untimely death.

“After a hectic year continuing their hard work and dedication to charity, David and I wanted the young family to have a private holiday inside the safety and tranquillity of our home.

“To maintain a high level of much-needed protection, we provided them with a private jet flight.”

I may not be a fan of royalty and how they spend their time and money, but I’m no supporter of bloodsports either.

  •  Swedish comedian Olaf Falafel has won the “Funniest Joke of The Fringe” award

He took the title with the pun: “I keep randomly shouting out ‘Broccoli’ and ‘Cauliflower’ - I think I might have florets”.

It is from his show It’s One Giant Leek For Mankind.

He says he’s Sweden’s 8th funniest person. I’m guessing that’s a joke too.

But then, comedy is a very subjective, and divisive thing. A bit like Brexit….