Community groups in Carlisle are coming together to celebrate the city’s achievements.

Carlisle Youth Zone, Tullie House, and Carlisle International Women’s Group are just some of the groups that have crafted a puppet for the annual Puppet Pageant.

The theme of this year’s community event is ‘a kaleidoscope of Carlisle life’ which will bring to life the stories of the city’s highest achievers. Last year focused on the unsung women of Cumbria.

Ali McCaw, from Prism Arts, explained: “This year, it’s a kaleidoscope of Carlisle celebrating all the industries and occupations that have gone to make it such a great city.

“We have got important people as well, we’re not ignoring them. We really want to celebrate all aspects of Carlisle.”

Among them is Fearon Fallows, an astronomer from Cockermouth, who is being created by young people from Tullie House’s Hope Street project.

Ashby Roberts, 17, from Brampton, got involved through Hope Street and has enjoyed the experience of learning how to create these giant pieces of art.

“We have been doing the paper mache of the face in layers,” he explained, “so when you take it off there’s a face mask for the puppet.”

Another citizen who will be immortalised in puppet form is Derek Ratcliffe. Mr Ratcliffe conducted research into the effects of pesticides on peregrine falcons.

“Its through his work that DDT was banned in this country. Yet none of us had actually heard of him,” said Ali.

“It’s people like that who make you think ‘they made a huge contribution’.”

This is the second year that the puppet pageant, supported by Carlisle City Council, has been produced by Prism Arts.

John Mallinson, leader of Carlisle City Council, said: “The Carlisle Puppet Pageant Parade is a great community event which this year will showcase a variety of people from throughout the ages.

“Preparations are well underway for the city centre event.”

The puppets will be parading through the city’s streets on September 7.