A RECENTLY revamped substation has become a haven for insects and wildlife.

Electricity North West gave a makeover to the electricity substation on Green Moor Road in Egremont as part of its Transforming our Spaces project.

It identifies areas of land around substations which have suffered vandalism, lack wildlife, or may lack funding to carry out such community projects.

As part of the revamp, engineers first cleared the site and planted wild flowers and herbs as well as installing bird feeders and bug hotels.

Copeland MP Trudy Harrison and Sam Pollen, Egremont ward councillor for Copeland Council, were invited to see the completed project.

Angie Thornton, delivery manager at Electricity North West, said: “We are all absolutely delighted with the results from our Egremont project.

“The site truly has been transformed. What used to be an eyesore is now a beautifully vibrant area for the local community to take pride in and also a space for revitalising insects and wildlife.

“Substations aren’t always aesthetically pleasing but they are a key part of the electricity network. The project has been extremely well received by the community and already, residents are keen to get involved and replant flowers in the future.”

Mrs Harrison said: “Electricity North West has planted what was previously grassland, requiring regular and costly maintenance, into a beautiful and environmentally beneficial wildflower oasis.

“Its lead has been inspirational and will hopefully motivate others to do the same. Residents of Green Moor Road and the surrounding community can now enjoy the sight of colourful summer flowers and autumn seed heads whilst insects, including hundreds of pollinators, also enjoy the pollen and nectar.”