Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team braved severe weather at the weekend to help two walkers get to safety.

The team was called out around 7pm on Saturday night to aid two 21-year-old men who had set off walking from Buttermere and had become lost in severe conditions on a nearby mountain.

Their phones were located just off the summit of Red Pike and the team was dispatched via Scale Bridge.

Conditions were atrocious, with high winds, torrential rain and frequent areas of knee-deep water.

A fast party was sent ahead to locate the party, whilst the rest of the team followed. The two walkers were located near Lingcomb Edge at approximately 8.20pm,

and given the severity of the weather and their deteriorating condition, they were immediately escorted off the summit.

Once in a more sheltered location the casualties were given dry clothing and food before being escorted back down to Buttermere lakeshore and waiting vehicles.

This was the 38th callout for the Cockermouth team this year and 18 members attended.

Team leader Andrew McNeil said: "Conditions tonight were awful, and the team worked well to get the casualties down as quickly as possible.

"We would advise that anyone heading up into the fells ensures that they know the severity of the chosen route and have checked that they are prepared for incoming weather conditions."