A PRETTY planter has sailed into a train station, and stolen the hearts of passers by.

Parton station has gone from bland to “blooming lovely,” thanks to the helping hands of Hensingham Day Centre and station adopters.

The group wanted to spruce the station up, and with the village’s history of fishing and boating, it’s no surprise that a little blue boat filled with flowers rowed its way into the team’s mind.

And on July 30, their vision was brought to life, with station adopters Rob Huck, Louise Musson, Jake and Robyn Sewell, plus Hensingham Day Centre’s Suzanne Brown, Joanne Brown, Tonicha Lewis, Christopher Bright, Stacy McClean, Denise Strong and Alan Clarke getting their hands dirty to create the display, which they have called The Parton Lass.

The community are delighted with the station’s new look, and shared their comments of support on Facebook, saying that it’s “amazing to see people pulling together for the better of the village” and one “very appreciative Partonion” said the station “looks fantastic”.

But Parton’s makeover isn’t over yet, as The Colourful North will be designing and painting a mural for the station later this month to complete its transformation.

Community Rail Partnership officer, Warren Birch, loves the boat planter, and said: “It was wonderful to see a community coming together to brighten up what has been a very uninspiring station, raising the profile of Parton village, and we are delighted with the group’s enthusiasm and the results.

“The newly-formed station adoption group have driven this boat initiative with the support Northern and Community Rail Cumbria. This is a great example of community and partnership working at its best to improve the local village station.”